sábado, abril 01, 2006

Make Poverty History

The gap between the world's rich and poor has never been wider. Malnutrition, AIDS, conflict and illiteracy are a daily reality for millions.
But it isn't chance or bad luck that keeps people trapped in bitter, unrelenting poverty. It's man-made factors like a glaringly unjust global trade system, a debt burden so great that it suffocates any chance of recovery and insufficient and ineffective aid.
The white band has become the symbol of the global fight to end poverty.
In 2005 8 million people wore the white band.
On the three white band days people made human white bands, projected them onto buildings or wrapped everywhere from St Paul's Cathedral to the European Parliament.

This blog will show, for now on, support for the end of extreme poverty and will wear the white band in 2006, since this day.

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Rui Marques disse...

Em Portugal esta campanha assume a designação de "Pobreza Zero"